Getting the behind wheel in Texas brings with it a new experience every day. It might include an easy drive to where you're going, or it could include a lot of honking. Regardless of what happens while in your vehicle, Texas drivers are certainly an interesting bunch.

We've all seen somebody not use a blinker while driving, potentially multiple cars not using the lights that tell us where they are going. Or someone running a red light. There's multiple things that one could do while driving that are frowned upon.

But one that is very dangerous is driving the wrong way. One that you shouldn't probably do. Unless...

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A Driver In Texas Forgets Which Way Is The Right Way

We turn to Tik Tok where one video shows one Texan potentially forgoing driving laws to get where they are going:

As you can see, the unknown driver must have missed a turn somewhere in the travels. So they decided to...we'll say ignore some street signs like the one that said wrong way. If you look closely, you can see they went the wrong way on a one way.

This also raises the question of how they managed to do this at a time when nobody was on the roadway. Thankfully, other drivers had the mind to allow them to correct their path, but still.

Hopefully the driver will learn the magic of the turnaround lane, which you can see in the video itself!

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