The Bellamy Brothers are gearing up to spend 2015 on a 40th anniversary tour, and they've been reflecting on their past in preparation.

In an interview with Billboard, David Bellamy says that they may have been the first band that could be considered bro-country, citing their 1987 single 'Country Rap' as the first to mix rap beats into the country style. The single made it to No. 31 on the Billboard Country Singles chart.

"I don't know if they gave us the credit or the blame for that," he says. "I'm still trying to figure that one out. We did that because we've always been curious, and mixing up musical styles was something we've always been into ... I don't know if we actually were the beginning of country rap, but I do think we were 'bro-country' before it was cool."

The band has a reputation for playing music that spans a range of what's acceptable in country music. They often end their live shows with a gospel song, but they also have their song 'Boobs,' which they describe as a "modern-day love song" in the tune's music video.

"I like people thinking they can come to our show and have a good time," David says. "Someone asked me, 'Does it occur to you that you have both 'Boobs' and a gospel song on the same show? I said, 'Of course, that's what we are.' We do a big range of things, and it all seems normal to us."

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