April Fools Day is just around the corner. This day is the perfect excuse to prank your loved one without getting in trouble. You can't get in trouble, it's April Fools! Okay, don't take my word on that. But you need to start planning your pranks now so that you can make sure you're the prankster, not the one being pranked.

Baby Powder in the Blow Dryer

When your wife or girlfriend isn't looking, slip some baby powder into her hair dryer. When she turns in on, it blows baby powder everywhere. All over her clothes, bathroom, her clean hair, everything. She definitely won't see this one coming.

Scratch Decals on His Car

It's basically a fact that men love their car just as much as they love their girl. Sneak outside and put some sticker decals that look like scratch marks on his car. He will go ballistic at the thought someone hit his car then just left.

Saran Wrap On the Toilet

This prank can work on anyone. Put saran wrap between the toilet seat and the bottom of the toilet. then lower the seat and lid. It doesn't matter if the prank is for a guy or girl, they're going to get a very rude, and nasty, awakening.

Freeze Their Belongings

I actually had this one happen to me. Take their toothbrush, keys, etc. and put it in water and put it in the freezer. Before they wake up to start the day, put everything back in it's normal place.

Pregnancy Test Says What?

The good ol' "I'm pregnant" prank never fails. You can get a prank test that always comes out positive, take a sharpie to a negative one, or just tell him. Those are words most men do not want to hear. This would scare him more than jumping out of a closet in a clown mask.

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