Growing up I had a sweet tooth but as I get a little older my sweet tooth is growing, along with my waist line. But sometimes it just doesn't matter like when you srap your hands around a hot and fresh churros that is just out of the fryer. Obviously, you don't want to burn yourself but those hot ones just taste better. So, when I saw locals on a Tyler, Texas Facebook group talking about the best Churros in town I had to help spread the word.

Many people could say it's just fried dough with cinnamon and sugar, which is true, but anyone talking like that needs to keep their opinion to themselves. Churros are delicious pieces of yummyness and deserve some respect. And you know when they are done right, if you get a cold churro that has been waiting in a warming tray it just doesn't taste the same.

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You Can Find Amazing Churros in Tyler, Texas

As you will see with the list below, there are fantastic Churros that can be found in Tyler, Texas. I would highly suggest visiting each of these locations and reporting back to us on which you believe to be the very best in Tyler.

I'm Looking For Filled Churros in Tyler, Texas

While I am an equal opportunity Churro connoisseur, the best Churro I remember eating was in Mexico and it was filled with chocolate sauce. I'm still looking for chocolate filled Churros in Tyler, TX but I'm definitely not disappointed with this list of great places to get Churros.

Best Places to Get Churros in Tyler, Texas

If you're looking for fantastic Churros in Tyler, Texas here are your best options.

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