From Dallas, TX to Houston, TX, we all love it here in The Lone Star State, but according to new research, Texas may be the best state for The God of Love to help singles find it too.

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"Cupid draw back your bow, and let your arrow go," is the opening line of the classic Sam Cooke song. But you may be surprised to learn that two Texas cities may offer singles the best chance to get struck by Cupid's arrow.

Match Making Company took on the task of finding the best cities in the U.S. where Cupid would be able to put his matchmaking abilities on display the easiest. The factors they took into consideration were simple: Matchmaking Potential, Flying Factors, Search Interest, and Cupid Activities. Sound silly? Maybe.

Matchmaking Potential: A higher population density, percentage of single people, and walkability score mean more chances for Cupid to work his matchmaking magic.

Flying Factors: Cupid’s main method of transportation is flying, so cities with high elevation, limited aviation facilities, and little wind in February all allow him to fly about freely and precisely shoot his arrow.

Search Interest: Cities where the residents are actively seeking help and guidance in matters of love and relationships.

Cupid Activities: Cities with a high density of archery ranges, candy stores, and matchmaking locations give him the ideal place to practice his skills.

After taking all of those factors into account they found the "The U.S. Cities Where Cupid Works His Love Magic Best," and would you know it, two Texas cities land at No. 1 and No. 2. Check it out:

No. 10. Dayton, OH
No. 9. Scranton, PA
No. 8. Poughkeepsie, NY
No. 7. Minneapolis, MN
No. 6. Milwaukee, WI
No. 5. Greensboro, NC
No. 4. Little Rock, AR
No. 3. Tampa, FL

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No. 2. Austin, TX

"With one of the largest concentrations of craft breweries in the U.S. and a thriving food truck scene, Austin has plenty of dating hot spots. Its presence of a Matchmaking location, high walkability score, and number of restaurants are what drew Cupid in."

Best Run Cities in Texas

No. 1. El Paso, TX

"It’s no surprise the city that inspired Marty Robbins’ classic song “El Paso” about a love-struck cowboy made the top of the list! Its high population density, search interest for matchmakers, and daycare services made it stand out to Cupid as having the most potential."

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