It’s not exactly a secret that Texas is a wonderful place to live, sure there might be a few things you want to change about your community, but most people seem very happy here. And most Texans agree that they have zero desire to leave the lone star state and that includes when they get a little older and start thinking about retirement.  

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Most of us dream about retiring at some point in our life, being able to live without having the stress of going to work sounds glorious. But retiring takes money, and many people thinking about retiring try to find a cheaper place to live out their days so the money that have saved up lasts a longer amount of time. But where are those places that are great to retire that won’t drain your retirement accounts quickly? 

Qualifications to be Considered a Great Place to Retire 

There is an article created by The Travel that outlines the top inexpensive places to retire and it was great to see one Texas city on their list. But how did they come up with these rankings? They looked at cost of living, number of people 65+, and activities available for seniors.  

Let’s Look at the Best Places to Retire 

Whether you’re ready to retire or not, here is a look at some of the cities that made the list of best places inexpensive places to retire. Hopefully, something on this list catches your eye and you can start planning your future and decide where you want to be after your working days are behind you.  

Best Inexpensive Places to Retire, One Located in Texas

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