Every parent hopes to be able to give their kid the best possible education, the truth is though, that not every institute of learning is created equal.

While there has certainly been a warranted push to trade schools recently, as the cost of college has gotten ridiculous, and higher education doesn't always equate to higher earnings, it still remains true that a lot of the time a college degree can still open a lot of doors.

Of course, education begins far before heading off to universities, and where one goes to high school can have a big affect on a child's future. If you were wondering which high school is ranked the best high school in The Lone Star Statean article published by US News and World Report, has the answer.

In fact according to their story the top high school in Texas is also the 6th best in the U.S., and the honor goes to the Dallas School for Talented and Gifted.

From the school's website, "TAG offers 30 AP courses and students are required to take 12 to graduate. Students at TAG may conduct field research via partnerships with local universities, take electives such as fashion marketing and enroll in mini-courses like ballroom dancing or glass blowing during interim terms."

These schools are ranked on performance on state-required tests, graduation, and how well they prepare their students for college. You can find out more about how High Schools are ranked by clicking here.

All Rankings

  • #6 in National Rankings
  • #1 in Texas High Schools
  • #1 in Dallas, TX Metro Area High Schools
  • #1 in Dallas Independent School District High Schools
  • #3 in Magnet High Schools
  • #21 in STEM High Schools

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