If you’ve gone to any grocery store recently, I’m sure you have noticed all the fun sized candy bars that are now available. That means Halloween is right around the corner. We are all excited for the Fall weather and most of us are ready to enjoy some form of pumpkin spice in some form of food or drink. That also means that soon we will be picking out pumpkins and while there are plenty of options to find the perfect pumpkin, I want to point you in the direction of the best places for pumpkins in the state of Texas. 

When it comes to picking out the perfect pumpkin, we all might be looking for something a little different. Most kids want something gigantic, but as adults we know that means more time removing all the seeds and guts from inside the pumpkin. So, you need to find a place that gives you lots of options when picking out pumpkins and there are lots of wonderful places to go. 

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Much More Than Just Pumpkins 

When you look at the list of the best pumpkin picking spots below, you’re going to see that these places offer much more than just pumpkins. There are activities and other fun extras for the kids to enjoy. Many of them cost extra so make sure you do your research before showing up, so you know what to expect. 

Let’s Look at the Best Places to Get a Pumpkin in Texas 

Since I haven’t been to each of these locations, I want to thank Best Things Texas for helping get this list together. Here is a look at the best pumpkin picking spots in Texas. 

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