Standing up for racial equality in Texas has cost a teacher in San Antonio her job after she wore a 'Black Lives Matter' face mask during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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NBC News, reports that Lillian White was terminated from her teaching job at Great Hearts Western Hills Charter School, but the school says she quote "effectively resigned" by refusing to adhere to the school dress code policy.

White began wearing the homemade face coverings while school was in training over the summer in July for close to a week and a half before school administrators advised her to wear another covering as parents would be on campus soon and wanted to avoid discussing "the current political climate."

I've been wearing these masks, you know, since the pandemic started. I started making them and just hadn't even thought about it. I wore them to work for about a week and a half before anyone even said anything.

White continuing to wear the face coverings to school. She was sent home four times, and when she didn't comply she was terminated.

Great Hearts Texas Superintendent Daniel Scroggin claims White wasn't terminated, but quit by not following school policy:

The administration of the school worked with Ms. White for weeks, reminding her of the dress code and providing remote work assignments. When at last she wrote to the administration that she would not comply with the dress code, the school was advised by counsel that she had effectively resigned her position by stating that intention and the school so informed her.

White says she didn't quit, or give a letter of resignation and will continue to fight for racial justice initiatives. She started a petition in August challenging the school to implement staff-wide anti-racism training which will create a more diverse curriculum and declare support for the Black Lives Matter movement.

I never understood how Black Lives Matter is considered a political statement while all we are asking for is racial equality and a balanced playing field. I thank allies like Lillian and other non-African Americans for joining our cause.

Lillian, you are officially invited to the barbecue!

Don't forget your mask.

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