There are some Texans who just can't comprehend modern technology, in particular, smart phones. Some just want to be able to make a call or send a text and that's it. Other Texans, like myself, use their phone for just about everything like paying bills watching videos or playing games. Your smart phone is capable of connecting to many things, as well, like your car to play music or communicate hands free. That over-the-air connection could also be a way for scammers to get ahold of your phone and steal your money or personal information.

Bluejacking, Bluesnarfing, Bluebugging

You use Bluetooth to connect your phone to your car, a set of ear buds or headphones or other devices. That same technology could also be used against you by a scammer. There are three ways a scammer will use the technology against you, Bluejacking, Bluesnarfing and/or Bluebugging.

  • Bluejacking - This is where a scammer can send you an unsolicited message to a Bluetooth enabled device, like your phone.
  • Bluesnarfing - This is where a scammer can steal information from your phone through Bluetooth. If you have an older phone or haven't updated the software, you could be very vulnerable to this.
  • Bluebugging - This is where a scammer can gain complete access to your phone through Bluetooth.

Preventative Measures

To help prevent this kind of attack, turn Bluetooth off when you are not using it. A scammer will scan the area they're in for Bluetooth enabled devices. They will then send a file to your phone. DO NOT OPEN THAT FILE. Opening it is the first step for the scammer to gain access to your phone.

If you get a pairing request from an unknown source or device, decline that request. The scammer can use that connection to gain access to your phone.

Always keep your phone's software up to date. This allows your phone to be equipped with the latest security measures from the manufacturer to help prevent these kinds of attacks (KLTV).

Help Those Unfamiliar with Technology

My parents and technology do not mix. They can barely text. They each have a smart phone, though, just so they can make a call when not at home. I make sure when I stop by for a visit to check their devices to make sure everything is in order. If you have family members in the same situation, do the same for them to protect them from an attack such as described above.

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