You've heard people talk about Right Brain and Left Brain, and how they are different and interact with each other. Maybe you even identify with one side more than the other.

Jill Bolte Taylor, a brain scientist, tells the story of what it feels like to experience a stroke. She explains the science and the emotion of the process.

In the Ted Talk above, Jill talks about the expansive and creative right side of the brain and how it lives in the present moment in contrast with the left. The left side of our brain focuses on the past and the future, while logically applying details upon details, and organizing thoughts.

Want to take a test and find out which you identify with more? Take this test. I tested as pretty balanced, which I appreciate as I try to live a balanced life.

She calls the left and right brain, the 'we inside of me.' She finishes her Ted Talk by reminding us that we have the power to choose which side of the brain we want to utilize and experience in our world. She encourages us to look for the present moment and experience peace within our right brain and share it with the world.

She calls it an idea worth spreading. Spread on.

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