You could call it a water forest, it sits in the only naturally occurring lake within the state of Texas, Caddo Lake right here in East Texas is full of beautiful Cypress trees, making it one of the largest forests in the United States! Texas is known for some pretty big things - wide open ranges in West Texas, deep canyons, tallest, fastest and longest roller coasters, monstrous athletic stadiums - and you can also say the water forest is one of them!

Growing up in the Dallas metroplex, I remember as a young Boy Scout in the 6th or 7th grade going on a camping trip to Caddo Lake. This place was mesmerizing because of all the tall Cypress trees with the moss hanging from its branches and being able to see the tree trunks in the clear water while paddling a canoe through the maze of trees while going through the moss that hung down to touch the water. It could be a bit spooky for some but is really an awesome sight to take in. Only In Your State poses the question, 'Isn't TEXAS nature just the best?'

I would tend to agree with that statement. East Texas has a lot to offer with beautiful Caddo Lake, the pine trees, roses, azaleas and so much more. If you're looking for a place to get away for the weekend and want to completely immerse yourself in nature, this is a must destination for anyone. Whether your sitting on a dock of rented cabin or in a canoe with your life jacket on, you're going to be taken back with the beauty of one of the largest forests in the U.S.

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