Carrie Underwood recently went home to Checotah, Okla., for a walk down memory lane and through her high school halls. When asked what she was like in high school, the humble singer insists she was "average" before Extra panned to a picture of her as a teen.

In her high school, a plaque is on display of Underwood in the Fine Arts building, and one of the wings is now named after her. It's something the superstar admits she felt weird about for a while.

“I actually fought this for a long time,” she says. “They wanted to put a plaque up, name this the Fine Arts wing after me, and I was like, ‘I don’t know how I feel about that’… it’s just me, but I get it, it's really cool. I’m honored… hopefully, people look at it and are like, ‘That’s a good reminder that somebody came from here and is successful.’”

With her busy touring schedule, Underwood doesn't get to go back home as often as she'd like, but says she returns home several times throughout the year for holidays and special occasions.

“It always feels good to come home,” she says. “This will always be home. It’s always nice to drive through town and be like, ‘Well, that’s new’ or ‘Where did that go?’ Things change and evolve, but it still feels like home."

Now the mother of a 1-year-old, Underwood says it's important to her that her son has a normal childhood like she did growing up in Oklahoma.

“I want him to have childhood normalcy … we take him down to the pools, and the hotels and let him splash around because a kid would do that,” she says. “I have some future plans for an RV for sure ... we'll be taking some summer drives.”

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