(Temple, Texas) - Let's begin by stating the obvious: Don't touch or take things that aren't yours. Someone obviously didn't instill that lesson in this clown.


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Clown Robs Temple, TX CBD Store

Our news partners at KWTX have the story of business owners Kristi and Griffin McGaughey, who lost valuable items to someone wearing a clown mask while burglarizing their store:

The owners first received notice their store was broken into via an alert from their Ring security camera. The criminal, as shown in the video, illegally entered the building wearing a clown mask to attempt to hide his face while grabbing various items.

Why Even Bother With a Mask?

At one point in the surveillance footage, the robber lifts his mask, revealing his face. Sure, the picture quality isn't great, but if you're going to bother putting no the mask, why lift it during the robbery? Was your clowny breath that bad?

Juggling Seriously Expensive Merch

KWTX reports that $300 worth of merchandise was stolen by the unknown person. Temple police are currently investigating, and if you know anything regarding the crime, please contact law enforcement as soon as possible.

However There Is One Thing That Must Be Said...

It's quite ironic that the thief chose a clown mask to steal items, isn't it? After all, the jokes do indeed write themselves.

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