It's tough to watch an episode of CBS's hit series Survivor and not put yourself in the characters' shoes. If you've ever wondered how you'd fare if you were dropped off in a remote location and left to survive with no support, you might be just the type producers are looking for. This week CBS is hosting a casting call in Richardson Texas, and they're asking for a diverse group of men and women.

Open Casting Calls in Richardson

Local CBS affiliates handle open casting calls for Survivor. This Thursday, January 31 get to ISW Menswear between 3 and 7 p.m. If you attend an open casting call, you don't need anything but your ID and a good attitude. They'll handle any video and photos they need for your application.

Visit the Survivor Casting Website

The Survivor casting website is appealing to "Super Fans, First Timers and everyone in between." They're looking for participants interested in competing in Survivor 39 and Survivor 40. Filming tentatively begins in mid-March for Survivor 39 and mid-July for Survivor 40.

If you can't make it to Richardson, you can apply online. They'll ask you to submit a video, a selfie, and an online application.

The minimum age for most Americans is 18. If you're from Alabama or Nebraska, you must be 19. DC and Mississippi residents have to be at least 21. Also, you're required to be a US Citizen with a valid passport. The travel commitment is around 46 days.

Toughest Survivor Challenges

While you'll have lots of competition just getting to participate, the real challenges come once filming begins. Over the past 38 seasons, Survivor has put contestants through some grueling competitions. Here are a few of the challenges from past seasons:

  • Physical challenges -- In DeepSurvivor: Borneo contestants had to swim into deep water then dive in pairs to move a heavy chest.
  • Survivor Smorgasbord -- In several seasons, contestants had to eat a variety of native dishes, most of which American contestants find disgusting. Could you eat mangrove worms or take shots of cow blood?
  • Endurance challenges -- Contestants battle to do things like hang on to a wooden pole or hold up a heavy bucket of water longer than any of the other contestants.
  • Psychological challenges -- In the Last Grasp challenge, contestants had to swim under a steel grate and hold on while the tide rushes in. They gradually ran out of breathing room and began to choke on salty ocean water as claustrophobia set in. The winner was the contestant who stayed longest. What's your greatest fear?

We're hoping for an East Texan to root for in seasons 39 and 40. Let us know in the comments if you're headed to Richardson this Thursday!

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