Me and my girlfriend pretty much agree on most things. However, one thing we do not have the same opinion about is two television shows, My 600 lb Life and Hoarders. Overall, I am not a fan of the so called reality television. There is nothing real about it.  It's all staged drama to try and entertain you.

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But she loves My 600 lb Life and Hoarders. I find them extremely depressing and rather exploitative.

She does have some compelling reasons for watching. She likes to know the psyche of someone who never throws anything away or someone who is so addicted to food they bring themselves to weighing a quarter of a ton. She has a strong empathy for the people and the story they tell of why they got to the point they are at. She also enjoys seeing the person celebrating success in losing the weight or stopping their hoarding.

I get it.

I find nothing at all interesting or entertaining about these shows. I feel awful about what they are going through but I find to useless to put their story front and center on a screen for all to see. It's extremely depressing sitting through their story of going through a fast food drive thru, spending $50 for a meal of 18 cheeseburgers and 15 large fries, watch them eat it then send them to a doctor to fix it.

I question the validity of the show, as well, because as they go into a commercial break, it starts with a promo (like what was on Sunday) about someone looking for momma June. These we useless people years ago when they were "entertaining" us and they are still featured in a show? I'm sorry, all I see is a network using someone's suffering to make a buck.

It's not entertaining in any sense of the word, it's not inspiring in any way nor is it worth any time to watch. But what is your opinion. Do you like these or other shows like them? If you do, why? Tell us below.

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