Whether you like to send out Christmas cards with family photos or not you should make it a tradition to stop by Pickers Pavilion at Blackberry Square in Lindale, Texas. The Pickers Pavilion used to be a cannery storage facility but the historic location has since been revitalized by the City of Lindale for public and private events and for community activities. Currently, it's being used to help all East Texans get in the holiday spirit. Until January 1st you can visit Picker's Pavilion to experience Christmas in Lindale and snap fantastic photos that the whole family would be proud to post all over Instagram.

Pickers Pavilion is located at 205 Cannery Row (E. North St.) in Lindale and is open to the public daily from 9:00 am until 9:00 pm. Which means before or after you visit all the cool shops around town you can stop by and embrace the holiday spirit with the most wonderful photo-op of the year. While you're strolling through Pickers Pavilion you will also be enjoying all of your favorite Christmas tunes.

The Picture Below Show How Cool This Event Truly Is

There are numerous displays that allow you and your family to jump in and snap some really adorable photos. As you will see below as you scroll through the photos you might see Santa Claus while you're there, and who knows, he might just be on horseback. I had no idea that Santa could even ride horses, that is so cool.

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Visit Lindale Wants to See Your Photos On Social Media

As you and your family make a new tradition of visiting Christmas in Lindale you're encouraged to share the photos on social media while tagging @VisitLindale on Instagram. If you know anyone that might be getting engaged this holiday season, this might be the perfect place to get down on one knee. Just a suggestion. Now look at these amazing photos.

Pickers Pavilion in Lindale Beautifully Decorated

Set up perfectly for family photos as everyone gets in the Christmas spirit

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