'Us Again,' Chuck Wicks' debut single on Blaster Records, is a patient, orchestral ballad about yearning to get back together with the one you loved and lost. Wicks has always been a talented interpreter of songs. His pain comes through early on this track from an upcoming studio album. 

The first verse is especially personal. In fact, he may be describing a situation so unique that it won't immediately envelop his audience.

“I wanna see the world, I wanna touch your face / I wanna go right there and never leave that place / I wanna fall back down / I wanna lose today / I wanna get it back in the baddest way,” he sings. That final line finds Wicks as a man desperate to reconnect with his lover.

The chorus turns the song into a power ballad from the Rascal Flatts playbook, although lyrically, 'Us Again' isn't quite as sharp as the trio's biggest hits. "Midnight, pick you up, take you on a slow drive / You and I hanging there, kissing in the street light / Didn’t matter where I went we just went every time / So tell me will take me there / Somewhere only you know where / I know we can be better than we’ve ever been if we can be us again.”

Wicks hasn't had a ton of radio success -- the Top 5 hit 'Stealing Cinderella' is his biggest to date --  but his best songs have been love songs. He's good at exposing his scarred heart or opening up to expose vulnerabilities most men would prefer to leave guarded. He's great when that exposure is paired with an edgy lyric.

Why Fans Will Love It: Wicks is an easy vocalist to listen to. His voice is smooth and polished, and he shows real talent for interpreting a heavy ballad like 'Us Again' as the painful expression it needs to be.

Key Lyrics"I know we can be better than we’ve ever been if we can be us again"

Did You Know?: Chuck Wicks is an avid outdoorsman and hunter, but his dog isn't one you'll find running game up a tree. Cooper, his 4-year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, is small enough to carry in a purse. 

Listen to Chuck Wicks, ‘Us Again’

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