Luke Bryan paid a visit to America's Morning Show on Wednesday morning (July 22), where he played a hilarious prank on one of the show's co-hosts, fellow country singer Chuck Wicks.

Bryan told Wicks and the show's other hosts, Blair Garner and Ashley Figueroa, that he had seen something in the parking lot on his way in.

"When I come in, like, I think there's a break-in or something," Bryan says in the video above. "I was on the phone ... we called the cops, I don't know if they showed up or whatever. I saw like a window knocked out or whatever."

"It was like a black truck. I took a pic," he adds, flipping through his cell phone.

"Are you serious? 'Cause I have a black Ram," Wicks says as Bryan pulls up the picture. As Wicks looks at the picture, he exclaims, "No way! That is my truck!"

As the hosts and Bryan debate back and forth whether it really is Wicks' truck and whether he should head out to the parking lot to take a look, he finally demands, "Is this like a joke?" and Bryan nearly gives the whole thing away as he loses it, breaking out laughing as Wicks exclaims, "Man, what is wrong with you? Are you laughing with me, or at me?"

The whole crew then troops down to the parking lot, where Wicks verifies that his driver's side window is indeed smashed in — or so it seems.

"We love you. We got you!" Bryan reveals, as Garner explains that since Wicks leaves his keys in his truck every morning, they went and got his keys, rolled his window down and scattered glass all over the door, seat and outside of the truck to make it look like a break-in.

As Wicks recovers from his shock, Bryan exclaims, "That's my best acting performance EVER!"

Take a look at the hilarious prank in the video above.

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