We all have pet peeves, but some things just have a way of irritating us more than others.  The sound of a hairball-spewing cat at 3 in the morning,  drivers who won't use their blinker, a Mount Everest of groceries in a buggy in the express checkout lane, and, of course, the sporadically malfunctioning computer. 

It's important to note the word sporadically.  If a computer gives you the blue screen of death and never works again, then you immediately know it's time to dump the computer and spend the big bucks for the new, soon-to-be-obsolete-in-two-years tablet or laptop.

But, then, there are the computers that are evil.  They see you, they know you, and they know how to push YOUR buttons.  Some days or hours they work perfectly. Then, it's a slow down, or a message about a plug-in stopping, or a temporary blue screen of death.  The Control-Alt-Delete keys on your keyboard are worn down and so is your patience.

Lucas Hinch of Colorado Springs knew that feeling all to well, but, he did something that most of us could only dream about.  He shot his computer dead.

According to a report, Hinch had enough of his fickle computer so he put 8 bullets into the tower of  his Dell.  He was smart and safe enough to take the computer outside into an alley to perform the execution, however, discharging a gun for this kind of reason inside the city limits is illegal.  Hinch was given a citation as a result, but in my opinion, that's the kind of therapy money can't buy.

As you look at the bullet holes in the picture above, that's not a bad grouping of 8 shots, but it still doesn't come close to the best grouping of bullets which happened in the movie 'A Fistful of Dollars'.


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