If you need a good laugh to help get through today, this post fits the bill.

Southlake DPS added this post on its Facebook page this morning about a cone that was run over during dropoff at a local school:

While this post is hilarious on its on merit and I think whomever does their social media should write comedies, the comments add so much more to this witty sentiment.

Several police departments shared close calls of their own 'cones' and offered 'cone'-dolences, like these:

Others are adding their own witty remarks to keep the fun going, like these:

Now, I'm not going to share all the comments and ruin the fun (plus the fact there's over 800 of them!), you'll just have to go read them yourself when you get a moment. I promise you won't be disappointed.

For those of you who I know will ask "why are they making fun of a serious topic?," my answer is while I know and respect when those bad things happen, we must also work on lightening up a bit in our lives. This post does just that.

Southlake DPS wanted to put a few smiles on people's faces today instead of just being a bearer of bad news, and they did it well. If you don't agree, that's fine, but the 6k in reactions, over 800 comments and 5k in shares speaks volumes. Kudos!

For those (me included) who have a hard time 'picturing' where Southlake, Texas is, I give you the Google Map!

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