Country singer and Hall of Fame legend Mel Tillis passed away on Sunday, November 19, 2017. He died of respiratory failure in Florida at the age of 85.

Many of his fans have shared their sorrows over the loss of the country legend, but many are also celebrating how amazing of a man he truly was. This man overcame a speech impediment, known as a stutter, and became a sensation on all stages - his stuttering delivery would later become part of his performing signatures.

According to, Mel took away the fear of stuttering in public by making fun of it.

Now shoot over to Whataburger's commercials from the 1980's. The two commercial above boast the love of Whataburger and Mel overcoming his stutter by stopping himself and speaking out the words. These commercials certainly played a role in raising awareness for stuttering as well as other disabilities.

Saving Country Music said it best:

There is a reason why Whataburger is so beloved in Texas, and why Mel Tillis is so beloved in country music, and it’s not just because of the burgers and songs. It’s because they both showed incredible character.


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