Anyone that has spent any time in the state of Texas knows there is a lot to love about the Lone Star State. It’s beautiful here and for the most part people are extremely friendly, which is amazing. But there are some things that can be alarming for people visiting Texas for the first time such as how people drive in Texas. 

One of the first things you will learn when you are behind the wheel and driving in the state of Texas is that most Texans believe that the speed limit is more of a suggestion than a law. Often there are police officers (often on a motorcycle) that notice people speeding but people just gamble and pray they are not the one that gets the flashing lights behind their vehicle.  

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Blinkers Seem to be Optional as Well 

Beyond just speeding, you really need to pay attention when driving in Texas as many people don’t know that the blinker is there to indicate that you want to change lanes. Don’t be shocked if someone jumps in your lane unexpectedly. This is your warning to always pay attention. 

This Video is Beyond Words 

Sharing this video is not intended for laughs, I really hope that no one was injured in any of these instances. But the Dallas Texas TV Facebook page published this video to their page showing wild driving that took place recently in the Metroplex showing that the craziest driving in the state is found in that area. You have to see this video it looks like something you would see in the movies. 

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