Sending text messages and not getting a response is nerve wrecking, especially when kids are involved.

One father had enough of his child not responding to his text messages that he created an app to freeze his child’s cell phone until he responds to his text message.

Per WCNC, Nick Herbert created the ReplyASAP app in which the phone will lock up and even give off an alarm while your phone is in silent mode.

This will eventually force your child to respond to your text message and unlock their phone no matter how busy they may think they are to give parents a sigh of relief.

Nick told his son about the app and the purpose and said the following:

He likes the idea because he will know that if he gets one of these messages, he will always hear it and will know it's important.

The app is available on android devices, but there isn’t one for the Apple devices.

Spoiler alert!  Don't try to delete this app kid's your parent's will be notified.

Apparently a Texas mom had a similar idea in 2014 and created the IgnoreNoMore app, which also locks up your child's phone until they return your phone call according to Forbes.

Where was this app when my kids were teenagers?

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