What could have - and at times did turn out to be - a campy "America night" on "Dancing with the Stars" ironically ushered in some competitors' best performances to date Monday night. Last night was a tribute to the good 'ole' US of A. Hines Ward led the leader board with his smooth Rumba moves. The judges gave him and partner Kym Johnson, solid 9's. Read more after the jump.

John Travolta made a quick cameo as well, as a "dancing doctor" set to diagnose Kirstie Alley's dancing ailments - first the fall, then the shoe." Maybe you should try a sneaker. Perhaps a high-top," he deadpanned to Alley in a pretaped segment. Too bad the former "Grease" star's advice only earned Alley a score of 23, though, keeping her at the bottom of the pack.

Who will be voted off tonight? Who is your favorite couple? Or, least favorite couple? Check out the video of Kym and Hines.

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