And then there were five.

The quintet of remaining pairs on 'Dancing with the Stars' were tasked with two individual (non-themed, yay!) dances each — one deemed an “instant dance” in that it had to be performed just minutes after being assigned a song.

Who fell apart under the pressure — and who stole the night?


J.R. and Karina

Waltz to 'What the World Needs Now Is Love'



After faltering a bit last week, elegant dancer J.R. came back with a vengeance on Monday, dancing a gorgeous Waltz — and earning the first perfect 30 of the season. Score: 10 10 10


Hope and Maks

Jive to 'The Best Damn Thing'



Hope often looks a bit like a wet ragdoll when she dances, but the pressure of the instant dance combined with an athletic Jive routine seemed to do wonders for her. Len Goodman, usually the toughest critic of the three judges, called it “bloody brilliant” and gave a score higher than his colleagues — and that almost never happens. Score: 8 9 8


J.R. and Karina

Jive to 'Tutti Frutti'



After earning a flawless score in their first dance, the adrenalin was flowing. Could they do it again in their instant dance? Why yes, yes they could — their jubilant Jive got another 30, giving them a drop-dead perfect 60 for the night. Score: 10 10 10


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