Today is the day Johnny Depp fans (me) have been waiting for - The opening of Johnny's latest movie, "Dark Shadows." The movie is based on the "soap opera"  series that aired weekdays on ABC  from 1966 - 1971. The show was not intended to be serious, in fact it was similar to a melodrama! The show still has a cult following. The main character is a vampire, Barnabas Collins. Johnny Depp says he was so obsessed with Barnabas as a child, he wanted to be Barnabas. Now he is, so to speak!

Directed by Tim Burton, the movie is kooky and crazy!Set in the zany time of 1972, Depp's character, vampire Barnabas Collins, awakens from a centuries of being buried in a coffin. How will an ancient vampire react to Volkswagen busses, lava lamps, and other half-hearted references to the early '70s???

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