It seems that there is always somebody on our Christmas list that is hard to buy for! Well this year, don't sweat it - Choose from these great movie collections. It's sure to please even the most "hard to buy for" person on your list.

  • eshanmart1361, Flickr
    eshanmart1361, Flickr

    Citizen Kane

    70th Anniversary Set

    Year after year, this movie is a contender for "The Greatest Movie Ever Made." Citizen Kane makes a great gift for any movie fanatic! This new 70th Anniversary Blu-ray comes packed with insightful bonus material too.

  • Beast1, Flickr
    Beast1, Flickr

    Jurassic Park Ultimate Trilogy

    A True Collectors Set

    Everyone remembers the first time they saw the realistic dinosaurs in Steven Spielberg's awe-inspiring world of Jurassic Park, and now you can snag all three films in one set, along with a ton of bonus features.

  • Andres Rueda, Flickr
    Andres Rueda, Flickr

    Star Wars

    The Complete Saga

    Sure, George Lucas did a bit more "tweaking" around with CGI and pieces of dialogue for this latest update on his iconic sci-fi franchise, but the chance to own every Star Wars movie on Blu-ray in one set is a pretty enticing opportunity for any fan.

  • famalovley, Flickr
    famalovley, Flickr

    Harry Potter

    The Complete Collection

    The saga may be over, but the Harry Potter franchise is one that fans will likely want to own for themselves. What better way to help them accomplish this than by purchasing the full box set of the series, complete with hours of bonus material? Available Here

  • M.D'Everux

    Peanuts Holiday Collection

    Not Just For Kid's

    Charlie Brown and friends have been making holidays warm and fun for decades, and now every Peanuts holiday special is available in one convenient package. Perfect for those with young'uns or those who simply enjoy a bit of sweet nostalgia during the holiday season.

  • rebraunstein, Flickr
    rebraunstein, Flickr


    30 For 30 Collector's Set

    Upon first glance, this may seem like a niche gift, but while sports enthusiasts will surely get a kick out of ESPN's 30 documentary films, those who appreciate great storytelling and solid filmmaking will also find them to be a worthy addition to their collections.

  • moviedatacenter, Flickr
    moviedatacenter, Flickr

    The Lord Of The Rings

    Extended Edition Trilogy - Blu-Ray

    Earlier this year, the massively popular epic saga The Lord of the Rings trilogy was given the hi-def treatment for its famous extended editions, and this is what true fans have been waiting for. The wealth of special features makes this a surefire hit.

  • chescastnos, Flickr
    chescastnos, Flickr

    Ben Hur

    50th Anniversary Ultimate Collector's Edition

    Know someone who loves the classics? This William Wyler epic is one of Hollywood's most astonishing accomplishments, and it's got 11 Oscars to prove it. Warner Bros. pulled out all the stops in compiling the most comprehensive collection of bonus materials for this one.

  • gnji, Flickr
    gnji, Flickr

    Pirates of The Caribbean

    Four Movie Collection

    Yet another movie franchise came to a close this year, and now the entire series is available as one set. The Pirates of the Caribbean four-movie collection features a wealth of extras and comes in a nifty treasure chest case.

  • Jacob Wise
    Jacob Wise

    Band of Brothers

    The Pacific Special Edition Gift Set

    Have any war buffs in your family? Even if you don't, these two award-winning HBO series are gripping entertainment, and they're available in their entirety in this hefty double-pack.

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