Hi, I'm Michael Gibson and I'm a huge nerd. And honestly, I'm proud of it.

So it goes without saying that Wednesday was a huge day for me and a couple of my co-workers, Shawn Knight from Hot 1073 Jamz and our Digital Editor Jason Eisenberg.

It was the debut of the first trailer for Avengers: infinity War. The first of two movies that will wrap up the last ten years of Marvel films with the long awaited battle against Thanos.

I could go on for five pages talking about what we saw and speculating on what's to come, but I won't do that.

There is one more solo movie to make the final set up before Infinity War, Black Panther. Which will be a fantastic movie from an awesome comic. That comes out in February.

And it's more than just me that's excited for Infinity War. As of this writing, the trailer has already gotten over 44 million views.

It comes out the day before the Bud Light Red Dirt BBQ & Music Fest. Get a great movie on Friday night and great music and food on Saturday. It's gonna be a fun weekend.

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