I’m not exactly sure how first dates go anymore, it has been over 17 years since my last first date but you never forget how that feels. We all get so nervous, wanting to look our best and just wanting to have fun and see if you connect with this person. It’s easy to overthink where to go on a first date but I am trying to help simplify that for you. I’ve created a list of 6 solid suggestions for restaurants on a first date in Tyler, Texas. 

Before we start talking about the restaurants specifically let’s think about a first date. It’s an opportunity to meet someone to get to know them better. When you’re picking a restaurant, you want to find something that everyone will like, which is why sometimes it’s easiest to go with a chain restaurant that is well known. It can help ease some of the tension and nerves that come with a first date, because everyone feels comfortable that that restaurant.   

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Trust Your Gut and Be Authentic 

If you’re not a fan of chain restaurants, be yourself, and pick something that is a hometown favorite. Get out of your comfort zone and go somewhere you don’t know your name because you go there every week. But be authentic and don’t take a date to a restaurant you don’t like just to please them, be true to yourself too. 

Let’s Look at the Restaurant Suggestions 

Here is a look at 6 restaurants in Tyler, Texas that would be perfect for a first date. Remember to visit the comment section if you think another restaurant should be added to this list.  

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