I think we can all agree that jury duty can be a pain, a necessary pain, but a pain. It is our civic duty and I don't mind it, but it disrupts our lives, right? Some people go to extremes, and I mean extremes, to get out of jury duty anyway they can. One lady even pretended to have a mental illness!A Denver woman is charged with perjury for claiming she had a mental disorder to get out of jury duty.

The Huffington Post reported  Susan Cole showed up  for jury service wearing reindeer socks, mismatched shoes and her hair in curlers.  She got caught when she called a local radio show to talk about her scheme - and it just so happened the judge in the case was listening.

Concerned, Mrs. Cole is now worried about possibly going to jail! Ya' think?  So now her latest story is she is suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder which she developed as a result of her abusive marriage. Is this lady crazy or just stupid?

What are some of the excuses you have used to get out of jury duty?

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