Whether you love to travel or don’t like going on airplanes, we are pretty fortunate to have the easy access to wherever we want to go with the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. While the airport is big and can take some time to navigate, it’s a pretty nice airport compared to others around the country which is why I wasn’t shocked to hear that the DFW airport just got a tremendous award. DFW won the 2022 Airport Service Quality award for the best large airport. 

To be eligible for this award an airport must help over 40 million passengers annually get to their desired destination. According to WFAA, the San Francisco International Airport also got some recognition for the largest airport division. In 2021 this same award went to Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta, Georgia. And prior to that in 2020 the award went to the Pearson International Airport in Toronto. 

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DFW is a Great Airport 

Traffic and parking can be busy at DFW, but that is the same at any large airport. Once you’re inside the airport I love DFW there are so many restaurants and stores for those last-minute items you forgot to pack in your luggage. It’s clean and convenient, which is incredible when you think that DFW helps connect over 40 million people to their destination.  

Staff Makes a Big Difference 

Having traveled quite a bit out of DFW I think what really sets our big airport apart from the rest is the staff. Most are very friendly and always willing to assist you, I have felt the same thing at the big airport in Atlanta. I’m a firm believer that southern hospitality is alive and well at the DFW airport. 

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