Yesterday, I had to go see my doctor for some shoulder pain I've been dealing with. It turned out to be nothing serious but I did need to pick up a prescription pain reliever and muscle relaxer. I don't take stuff like Tylenol or Advil, or any medicine for that matter, unless I absolutely have to. But let me tell you, these prescriptions are kicking my butt. Do you feel the way I do when you have to take these?

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I guess I just have a low tolerance for pain relievers. I've taken two extra strength Tylenol before and was asleep in about thirty minutes. After taking my first dose of the pain reliever and muscle relaxer yesterday, I think that just proves my low tolerance.

I took my first pain reliever dose when I got home yesterday afternoon. Within about and hour I could feel it working, which is great. However, I started feeling really groggy and, for lack of a better term, a little high. I DID NOT like that. I'm glad it's working but man that's some strong stuff. I took the muscle relaxer about thirty minutes before I went to bed. I was ready to fall asleep in about fifteen minutes.

I've had friends of mine who've commented when they've had pain "Oh, I'll just take a muscle relaxer and be fine. They do much for me anyway." Um, okay, how can you be so nonchalant about taking a muscle relaxer? Wow.

This morning, I took my first dose of the pain reliever for today at my desk. I had to close my eyes for about fifteen-twenty minutes because it made me that groggy. Holy crap. Again, I'm thankful that the medicine is doing it's job but, man, it seriously kicks my butt.

At the same time, I can see how someone could get addicted to this type of stuff. I don't like the feeling because it feels like I'm not in control. But I'll keep on the regime my doctor has me on for the next week and maybe my body's reaction won't be so bad as I move forward.

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