Duane "Dog" Chapman spoke of the pain of missing his late-wife Beth in an Instagram post shared on what would have been the couple's 14th wedding anniversary. Beth Chapman died on June 26, 2019 after a long battle with cancer. The were married on May 20, 2006.

"She said Big Daddy your (sic) going to be so sad when I am not here on our next anniversary," the former Dog the Bounty Hunter star writes in the caption. "Why did she have to be so right ??"

Beth Chapman was 51 years old when she died and had been battling the disease very publicly for years. Her final days were documented on the couple's new reality show, Dog's Most Wanted, which aired in 2019. The months that followed have been turbulent for the Chapmans.

Duane Chapman has maintained a high profile as he grieves, appearing on numerous television shows and giving many interviews to talk about his pain, his own health problems and most recently, his new love. Earlier this month the 67-year-old became engaged to Francie Frane, a Colorado rancher who also lost a spouse in 2019.

That Chapman has fallen in love again just 11 months after his wife died has raised some eyebrows, but his children — including those with Beth Chapman — seem to approve. Many fans point to a promise he made to Beth to never remarry, but daughter Bonnie has since said that she had a separate conversation with her mother afterward, and that Beth told her it'd be okay if Dog married again.

What Did Beth Actually Say? Watch: 

It's not clear what Chapman's next move might be professionally. He's a man without a television show right now, as Dog's Most Wanted did not get renewed. His wedding to Frane will wait until after it's safe to socialize again. The couple say they'd like to find a way to include fans in their big day.

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