As many people are moving to Texas or traveling through our great state there is something that everyone should be aware of, and that is, "Don't Mess With Texas". While the slogan means many things to different people it began over thirty-five years ago as a litter prevention campaign launched by the Texas Department of Transportation. That slogan is still alive and well in Hallsville, Texas as many people came together over this past weekend to clean up where we call home.

The disgusting photos of garbage and bottles filled with urine were posted on social media just a few weeks ago, many people in Hallsville were tired of seeing this as they were driving around town. So, they decided to do something about it. It wasn't a gigantic amount of people but the ones that truly cared got together over the weekend to get the worst areas cleaned up.

The Weather Wasn't Great But the Cleanup Still Happened

Most of us were staying indoors this past weekend with temps into the 40s but with wind it felt like the 30s. But these men and women decided that a few hours in the cold was worth cleaning up their community. So many people talk about taking action like this but these amazing people made it happen and the pictures below show the difference that was made.

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A Whole Boy Scout Troop Showed Up

Big thanks to Teresa Mathewes Coats for organizing the clean up, also to Boy Scout Troop 302 who showed up and made it happen. Taking pride in Texas is something that we all should do more of, but these people deserve a huge pat on the back.

Please remember, "Don't Mess With Texas."

Community Cleanup in Hallsville, Texas

These amazing people showed up to cleanup garbage left behind in Hallsville, Texas

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