Texas is just like every other state right now when it comes to people fed up with having a tip jar put in front of them at every business they enter. It’s getting completely out of control and actually making consumers not want to go back to certain businesses to avoid their tip jar. But there are some places that even tipping experts say we don’t need to leave a tip when you are visiting businesses here in the state of Texas. 

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Let me be clear, I don’t think most people have a problem with leaving a tip when they receive exceptional service, but the problem is that we are being asked to tip everywhere and it almost feels like the consumer now needs to make sure the employee is getting a livable wage. That should be provided by the business. With a few exceptions such as a server at a restaurant where we all know those employees don’t make much per hour and are relying on tips.  

Some Stores Will Not Allowing Tipping 

While many businesses are adding tips jars, there are still a few companies that will not allow their employees to accept tips. I’ve heard this is the case for certain Texas grocery stores. It’s interesting how some businesses are pushing a tip jar and others are avoiding them, and how this whole situation will go in the years to come. 

Let’s Look at the Places You Don’t Need to Leave a Tip 

According to a tipping etiquette article at Best Life, here is a look at some places that you don’t not need to leave a tip. 

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