Randy Lee Tenley of Montana decided to drink his Sunday away like any other red-blooded American.  He couldn’t just pass out like everyone else though.  Oh no, he decided to pull a prank.  This prank, however, wasn’t a very well thought out because it got him killed.

Tenley decided to throw on his Ghillie — a suit made of camouflage specifically designed to resemble heavy foliage – and prance around at night.  Why?  Because he thought it would be hilarious to be mistaken for Bigfoot.  Little did he know that running into traffic in a Ghillie suit makes it hard for cars to see you.  Tenley stood in the middle of the road, and was struck by an oncoming vehicle.  He was then hit by a second vehicle while he was lying on the ground.

It’s one thing to walk around in a wooded area and pretending you’re Bigfoot.  It’s another thing to stand in the middle of a road at night thinking “Oh man! I can’t wait to see the look on their faces!”  Our advice to people who want to pretend they’re Bigfoot — pick a less trafficked road because killing you would be a late excuse our boss would NEVER believe.

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