Thameka Hall could not figure out how cash kept coming up missing from her purse that is always inside her apartment according to Especially since it's just her. No roommates, kids, etc.

"I couldn't replace my steps and I was going crazy," Hall told "My purse was right here hanging on the doorknob by the front door."

After several instances of money vanishing, it clicked.

"I said, 'I know what it is. Somebody is going through my apartment. It has to be. There's no other reason it's missing.'"

She set up her cell phone camera and caught the thief red handed. It was her neighbor, Lance Papp.

He apparently would watch for when Thameka would leave for a moment and would quickly grab what he wanted.

She acknowledged that she would leave the door unlocked to make a quick trip to do laundry.

This time, she left one dollar and a note that said "I gotcha."

She turned the video over to police who arrested the neighbor, who is being charged with home invasion.

Lance Papp gets our Dumb Crook of the Week distinction simply for the fact that he got greedy and, well, dumb. Alright, do it once and no one is the wiser. But do it over and over again and someone is bound to catch on and catch you in the act like Thameka did.

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