Thieves are the lowest of the low in my book. If its not yours, don't take it, simple as that. When a thief does something stupid and gets caught for it, that just makes my day. When a thief does something stupid, I think its fair game to make fun of them. This is Luis Sanchez of Henderson, Texas. He decided to go to Hallsville and steal a man's trailer used in his business and thought he could put it on Facebook marketplace to sell in Kilgore.

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Theft Report

The owner of a lawncare business in Harrison County filed a report October 1 of a trailer used for his lawn care business had been stolen. The 16 foot trailer had weed eaters and other lawn care equipment including a Kubota zero-turn mower valued at around $10,000. In the investigation, video showed a Toyota Tacoma without a trailer in the area followed a view minutes later with that same Tacoma with the reported stolen trailer attached.

Stolen Tacomo - Harrison County Sheriff's Office
Stolen Tacomo - Harrison County Sheriff's Office

Victim Sees Item for Sale

Then on October 7, the owner of the lawncare business saw his Kubota zero-turn mower on Facebook Marketplace for sale for $3,000. He contacted the Harrison County Sheriff's Office where they asked the business owner to meet the seller to buy the zero-turn mower. The meet was scheduled to take place in Kilgore. The Harrison County Sheriff's Office contacted Kilgore Police to arrange the buy.

What Investigation Found

Kilgore Police and Henderson County Sheriff's Office investigators were able to identify the seller as Luis Sanchez of Kilgore. Sanchez was arrested and charged with theft of property greater than or equal to $2,500 but less than $30,000, two counts of tampering with identification numbers and display of a fictitious license plate. Further investigation found other stolen vehicles, trailers, lawn care equipment and narcotics.

Luis Sanchez - Harrison County Sheriff's Office
Luis Sanchez - Harrison County Sheriff's Office
The Complainant, in this case, had his livelihood taken due to a crucial part of his business being taken. This theft literally stopped his source of income for his family. The teamwork and efforts shown in this case highlight the dedication this region has within our law enforcement. Crime has no boundaries, but neither does synergy. - Sheriff B.J. Fletcher, Harrison County Sheriff

See kids, here's the thing, when you think you're a smart crook, you really aren't. This guy decided to steal some stuff and thought that if he drove a couple of counties away to put those up for sale online that no body would see it. Yeah, didn't work out, did it? Great work by the Harrison County Sheriff's Office, Rusk County Sheriff's Office and Kilgore Police for their work on this case.

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