I love cooler days, football, and the holidays it signals, but there's one thing I really don't like about fall: losing day light. Standing by as the days get shorter and shorter, knowing that there is nothing you can do about it is terrible.

Have you noticed that the days are getting shorter as we near the end of summer? Since the summer solstice (June 20th), we've already lost just over 1 hour of daylight! The length of daylight will decrease by another hour over the next month at a rate of almost two minutes of daylight per day.

It's really one of the first things that I remember understanding about seasons, aside from summer is hot and winter is cold. It's a real bummer when the sun goes down before dinner time and doesn't come back up 'till after you wake up.

If you didn't know our days are always getting longer or shorter throughout the year, except on two special days; the summer equinox and on the winter solstice.

If you enjoy daylight chances are the summer equinox is one of your favorite days, even if you hadn't realized it; it's the longest day each year. On the opposite side of that is the winter solstice, or the shortest day of the year. It happens when the Earth's North Pole is tilted farthest from the Sun, this year that'll happen Dec. 21st.

And we are constantly working toward one or the other, as such aside from those two days each year, our days are forever getting longer or shorter.

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