The Christmas Party is on the calendar, and you've got the food under control, but now how are you going to entertain this bunch of hooligans? With Reindeer Games of course.

In pursuit of fun, I found eight great games that can liven up your party from a classic board game, to one that is guaranteed to offend someone. Not all of these games are appropriate for every group so choose wisely.



  • Hasbro via Amazon
    Hasbro via Amazon

    Snake Oil

    This fun game requires other players to sell you, the customer, their products. The products sold and the customer's profile change each time, so get ready to stretch your imagination to sell some crazy items to unlikely buyers.

  • North Star Games via Amazon
    North Star Games via Amazon

    Wits and Wagers

    A game of bets and guesses, is what you've got here. Guessing at the answer to trivia questions is the idea, and then betting on who has the best guess. Trivia and gambling wrapped up in fun package.

  • Winning Moves Games via Amazon
    Winning Moves Games via Amazon


    The Classic game of Real Estate. If you haven't played it since you were a kid, try your old strategies to see if they play out the same way with your new opponents. You may view things differently than you did as a child or teen.

  • What Do You Meme via Amazon
    What Do You Meme via Amazon

    What Do You Meme?

    Rotating judges choose who is funniest in this game of creating memes. They choose a photo card, and the field plays caption cards to create the funniest meme possible and impress the judge. Note, this game is intended for ADULTS ONLY.

  • Never Have I Ever via Amazon
    Never Have I Ever via Amazon

    Never Have I Ever

    Be prepared to learn more than you ever expected to about your friends. This game is intended for ADULTS ONLY. Some cards are explicit, choose wisely who you play along with, and have fun.

  • Reverse Charades via Amazon
    Reverse Charades via Amazon

    Reverse Charades

    This twist on a classic party game gets everyone in on the fun. The team of players acts out one card for person to guess each time, rotating team members and guessers.

  • Cards Against Humanity via Amazon
    Cards Against Humanity via Amazon

    Cards Against Humanity

    You need a strong sense of humor for this game, and prepare yourself someone is likely to get offended. Another ADULTS ONLY game, Cards Against Humanity has some explicit cards. Each round a black card is drawn, and each player responds to it with their funniest white card. It's simple, hilarious, and often offensive.

  • Watch Ya Mouth via Amazon
    Watch Ya Mouth via Amazon

    Watch Ya' Mouth

    The cheek retractors are everything here. Team members try to guess what you are saying as you wear them. Let the giggles begin. For ages 8 and up, enjoy trying to speak out phrases while your friends guess what you're saying.

  • Pressman Toy via Amazon
    Pressman Toy via Amazon

    The Oregon Trail Card Game

    The classic computer game I grew up on is now a board game, wow! Nostalgia in a box. Good luck fording the river and not dying of dysentery.

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