I just love a good prank! Whether they're played on someone else or me they are great especially when they're caught on video where you can relive the moment of surprise and see the reaction over and over, it's just priceless. A few weeks ago, a Brazilian TV show pranked unsuspecting passengers in an elevator with a ghost, then two weeks ago a snowman got into the action and now the Brazilian TV show is back with a coffin in the elevator.

In the video, the only thing I can translate is "por favor", everything else is just funny. Here's the deal now, if this happened to me, I probably wouldn't let the elevator door close, but in any case it's pretty funny (especially the two women together at the 4:27 mark after the one guy runs out). The prank turns on the pranksters at the 6:25 mark too!

What do you think of this series? Do you think you'd ever fall victim to a prank like this?