Last year, we told you about one of the weirdest stories we've ever heard take place in a workplace environment. I immediately thought of the movie "Horrible Bosses" because this lady fits the description. Let's rewind the tape real quick to the original story before we give you an update.

Back in the start of May 2021, Smith County Elections Administrator Denise Hernandez submitted her letter of resignation after just 3 months on the job.

Smith County Sheriff's Office
Smith County Sheriff's Office

Her sudden resignation was initially met with shock until the next day when she submitted another letter to the Smith County Elections Commission asking them to rescind her resignation. But after meeting with the commission, they accepted her resignation and rejected her letter to rescind because word got out about a nasty prank she pulled on her co-workers.

The "Prank" In Question Took Place on April, 27 2021

Google Maps
Google Maps

According to KLTV,  while in the Smith County Courthouse annex building on E. Ferguson St. in Tyler, in the elections department, 2 employees of the Smith County Elections Office claim that were each given a cup containing a pink liquid substance by their supervisor, Hernandez. Denise informed the employees that the cup contained “Spark” energy drink and the employees drank the substance. After consuming the substance, Hernandez placed a canister of colon cleanse on the counter and started making fun of them for drinking it and singing, “You just drank colon cleanser!” in a childish manner. The employees went on to add that Hernandez acted like a "bully" in her position.

As a result, both employees suffered pain and discomfort due to ingesting this product and they soon after pressed charges.


The act of the colon cleanse being added to the victim’s drinks without their knowledge and with disregard to their pre-existing medical conditions caused their conditions to be amplified was not a laughing matter, its ASSAULT. This lead to one of the employees pressing charges and Hernandez was arrested on June 1 on two charges of assault causing bodily injury. She was held on a total bond amount of $20,000 and bonded out the same day.

Hernandez Plead Guilty And Accepted A Plea Deal

Gavel, scales of justice and law books

On Wednesday, Hernandez appeared in a Smith County court for a plea hearing. As part of the agreement, Hernandez pleaded guilty to the two assault charges and will serve 18 months of deferred adjudication, which is like probation. Hopefully, Hernandez learns to be professional in the office and not treat her job like an episode of "Jackass".

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