I don't know how I feel about this one.

A young lady arrived at her prom in a very unique way, she arrived in a hearse and coffin.

As you'll see below, the hearse pulls up to the venue where the prom is being held, and then pallbearers get out and remove the coffin.


Once the coffin is put down, a young lady emerges from it and her date for the evening is there to grab her hand. This was like a scene from a horror movie or WWE.

The young couple then makes their way onto the red carpet and their evening is underway.

I don't know what made this young lady decide to show up at her prom in a coffin, but this is certainly something that she and her classmates will talk about for years.

I just hope that they show this video at their 25-year class reunion.

Here's the shocking moment this young lady arrived.


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