Eli Young Band have literally seen their career catapult onto center stage in the past few months. After their single ‘Crazy Girl’ became their first No.1 hit, the four-man country outfit snagged an ACM Award for Song of the Year with the same smash hit, making an underdog story to be remembered. But even in the face of so many great things at once, the guys are not about to forget who it was that helped them get to this point.

In a Facebook message recently, the Eli Young Band sent a shout to their loyal fans, saying “The four of us want to THANK YOU for helping us win our very first ACM Award and want to give you something. Visit the link to read our thank you letter and get some free music.”

The link leads to a letter from the band which tells the story of their recent success, explaining in detail just how each victory could be attributed to fan involvement and support. Talking about when ‘Crazy Girl’ first hit the radio airwaves, the band reminded their fanbase, “That same week you guys went out and bought it, you made it the #1 best-selling song in country music that week. And it was not even on the radio hardly anywhere at all at that point! That made it clear for anyone who didn’t already believe: EYB has fans. LOTS of them. And they LOVE this song. So that helped us get through some barriers.”

In return for the love they’ve received from their devoted followers, the guys have offered up two free downloads of their song ‘Small Town Kid,’ a song they say reminds them of where they started and how far they’ve come. Fans can download the studio version as well as an acoustic version to mix it up for those who already had the original. The songs are available for free via the band’s website for a limited time.

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