"Love Ain't" is the latest #1 song from the Eli Young Band. If you haven't seen the video for the song yet, you need to, but with a couple of tissues. It follows the story of a quadruple amputee and his girlfriend and how they stayed together throughout his rehab and adjustment to his new life.

The interview turned to a Star Wars quiz because of Mike's phone going off to the sound of R2-D2. Big D decided to have the band take on Bubba in some trivia. Kinda unfair but they held their own against the show's nerd.

We got some news on new music coming soon for the band. Their "Greatest Hits" album is out now but a new song is coming by early July called "Break It In". They seem to be following a lot of artists and just released a song or two at a time instead of a whole album.

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