This week Denton, TX based Eli Young Band took their latest single "Even if it Breaks Your Heart" to No. 1 in both The U.S. and Canada. After taking over the Texas Music scene in the mid '00s, before breaking out nationally, it's so great to see the support EYB continues to receive right here in Texas. Something it seems other singers and bands have had trouble with when venturing out of the Lone Star State.

Like many of you, I enjoy hearing the person who wrote a song, sing it. The person inspired to write it, undoubtedly understands and feels the song differently than someone merely interpreting it.

So, this week we're doing something special -- for all you Will Hoge fans. Not only are we including the video Eli Young Band made for the biggest country song in North America, we've also got Will Hoge's version. Check out both versions in this week's RTX Sunday Video[s]... Try playin' em at the same time.

Will Hoge "Even if it breaks your heart"

EYB "Even if it breaks your heart"

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