Eric Church, also known as"country music's bad boy", recently released his new album, The Outsiders, and now his taking his new songs on the road performing in small night clubs. Rolling Stone is covering this intimate road show.

Eric Church fans may want to check out some of the pics from the tour in Rolling Stone. Pretty cool! I'm a huge fan of Eric's music. It's raw, unique and has something to say. Yes, he is "rough around the edges" but that's okay, cause he ain't trying to be anything he ain't!

His latest single, "Give Me Back My Hometown", is one of my personal favorites right now. Here's what Eric told The Boot about his latest single:

“We’ve conceived and conceptualized what these videos are gonna be,” he adds. “There’s a storyline, so basically everybody you see in the ‘Give Me Back My Hometown’ video, all the characters, they each have a story line and they all relate to each other.”

Check it the video now.







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