JB And The Moonshine Band

JB and The Moonshine Band, what can I say about these guys?  They're from right here in Tyler. They were the third band I ever interviewed live on the radio -- two and a half years ago. Their music and lyrics are interesting and compelling, and I've only had one person tell me she doesn't like "Perfect Girl."

Shall I go on?

There's something magnetic about this band. At times I've convinced myself I must be biased because of our friendship. There's no way one band, such a young band, can have so many relatable songs. Then I'm jolted back to reality when Amy Austin's husband hears "Whiskey Days" for the first time and without knowing a thing about who they are proclaims, "That's a damn good song!"

So I gave him the album. His second favorite is "Good Ol' Days."

Or how about when my deaf brother (as in can't hear) and I go on a road trip. We're about eight songs in and he's had nothing to say about any of 'em (and I was playing good music!) Then "Sticker Peck Out" comes up on my iPod and he say's "Who is that? I like that!"

He couldn't hear one silly, super irreverent turn-of-phrase JB sang, but he could feel it.  And that was when I realized that "Sticker Peck Out" is a great song, not just a silly one.

The Moonshine Band is taking over iPods, Texas, hell America, and I'm glad to have gotten a front row seat for the entire revolution.

Now let's talk about "I'm Down." I spun the song on the radio last summer, about 2 days after JB recorded it. It went over well, but of course at the time they were pushing "Perfect Girl," so the rest of their spins would go toward it. Fast forward to last week. JB calls and asks if I'd like to be in the music video for the song. Of course I reply "I'm Down."

The video looks amazing. They had their first look for fans yesterday and my entire office all watched. We were stunned at the quality and care that went into it. Something that seems lost on most Texas/Red Dirt bands. Yup, I'm callin' y'all of you out on this.

Directed by Daniel Poe and Matthew Hogan, the same men responsible for the cinema-graphically (is that a word?) stunning "Whiskey Days," is another homerun. By the way, if you haven’t seen it click here to watch.

Along with songs from Colt Ford, Bubba Sparxxx, and Rehab, "I’m Down" will be featured on the Mud Diggers 2 compilation CD, with the new video included. And one more thing, before I share the new video, "Perfect Girl" the video has well over half a million views on YouTube. Be sure to listen to KNUE and Radio Texas, LIVE! to hear that fan fav.

OK, friends you've made it this far and the video is right down there, check out my keg stand at 3:20... Imma ask the guys for an edit that I can send to my mom. Enjoy!

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