Let's face it, we all have those days when our foot just sits heavy on the gas pedal of our car.  Unfortunately, some of those days, because of that, we see red and blue lights in our rearview mirror.

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Either you driveway with a warning or you drive away with a very expensive ticket.  Heck, you might have ended up in the back seat of the cop car in cuffs.

Here are some creative ways people in the area have gotten out of a ticket

This has to be the best one!

Paper, rock, scissors with a motorcycle cop …true story!

Can you imagine the officer telling you, let's play rock, paper, scissors to get a warning.  That or the driver was just taking a chance with the cop.

I was driving on I-27 when I got pulled over, and I was trying my best to get my drivers license out of my wallet.  When the cop walked up I handed him a Target gift card.  In horror, I quickly apologized and handed him my license.  We both got a laugh out of it.  He gave me a warning, but the crazy thing is, he kept my Target gift card.

Hmmm...bribery or not?  I'm guessing not with a partially used gift card.

Said my hand controls were stuck.

It could happen! Things get stuck all the time.

Name dropped my husband who is an officer

It pays to have friends and family in law enforcement.

I pulled the blonde card

Oops!  I'm so sorry officer, I didn't realize how fast I was going.

Just fessed up to a motorcycle cop that I was praising God and not paying attention.

God definitely had their back on that day! That deserved a giant "Thank you Jesus," when the officer left.

I said a bee stung my foot, and it was numb and trapped in my shoe. 👀 They helped me remove my shoe and sent me on my way.

A bee sting is bad enough without the added pain of a ticket.  That was a good cop right there.  Plus, that had to be a first for that officer.

I use to flirt til I was old enough to be their mom… Now I’m just out of luck

Who knows, the next officer might be into the mom thing.

These were some great excuses!  What was your best excuse?

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